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A farm to get to know

Get to know our beautiful farm

With us at the back tube, there is always something going on. We live here as a small extended family and we have many guests, which we are passionate about serving. Our greatest treasure?

Experiences and experiences that we like to share with you. And our animals, of course! They are always happy about many petting units. First of all our ponies!

✶ Hinterrohrgut Appartements in Flachau ✶ Urlaub in Flachauwinkl am See ✶

Small ponies very big

Our ponies are the favourites at our farm. And because our little guests love our ponies so much, we also include pony riding for you!

In addition to our little horses, there are many other farm animals waiting for you: chickens, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and cows live with us at the back of the cane. With us, the calves grow up in suckler cow husbandry, this means that the little ones stay with the cows from birth. The cow’s milk is only for the calf and is not sold. Our divise is as natural as possible.

Stable – Meadow – Alm

Our cows are quite busy, because they move several times during the year! In spring we go out to the meadows and in summer we drive the herd up to our alpine pasture. There are juicy alpine meadows and herbs, which taste particularly good to our animals. When the alpine summer comes to an end in autumn, the animals come back into the valley.

Familienurlaub am Bauernhof ✶ Hinterrohrgut Appartements in Flachau
✶ Hinterrohrgut Appartements in Flachau ✶ Urlaub in Flachauwinkl am See ✶

Natural posture – high meat quality

Our calves feed mainly on breast milk, later on grass and hay like their mums, which makes the meat particularly tender and easy to cook. And of course we prepare it ourselves – with us in the Seestüberl and in the Almstüberl!